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Custom Closet Design Calabasas

Custom Closet Design Calabasas

Do you dream of owning bigger closets? If you’re like most of us, your closets don’t really meet your needs. You may have been living with cramped closet spaces for most of your life, but Lux wants you to know that you don’t have to deal with them anymore.


You can take advantage of an affordable custom closet design in your Calabasas home that will transform your existing closets into storage spaces you’ll be proud to own! Why put up with clothing and other accessories that are piled to the ceiling? Call a Lux professional who will change the way you use your closet space forever.


The problem with traditional closets is that they are poorly designed, and really provide little usable space. Think about it- there’s a bar for hanging your clothes on, and a top bench you can barely reach, so you end up piling boxes and stuff up there, hoping it doesn’t fall down on you. Your difficulties are due to the design of your closet- it’s really not your fault.


What if you could store everything you wanted in your existing closet and have more than enough space to do so? Impossible? Not at all. Lux can show you new custom closet design options for your Calabasas home that will really impress you. Taking advantage of all of the unused spaces in your closet will allow you to store more items in less space, and retrieve them instantly.


There are some terrific benefits that come with organizing your closet spaces, including:


- Everything in your closet will be right at your fingertips. You’ll be able to see everything in your closet- no more hidden items. Just reach in and pull out that dress, suit, blouse, pair of shoes, belt, or other accessory. You’ll able to see everything there is to choose from with one glance, instead of shuffling through items that are in front of or on top of other items.


- With shelving and other closet organizers, every space in your closet will be used, and to its fullest! If you’ve been a slave to your poor closet design and thought you had to just live with it, it’s a relation to learn that there is a custom closet design that will fit your Calabasas lifestyle.


- Are you embarrassed that someone may look in your closets? You’ll love your new closet design so much that you may even decide to take the door off of your closet. The attractive nature of your organized closets will be very refreshing to you as a homeowner. Beautiful, well-organized closets increase the value of your home as well. 


With over 30 years in the industry, Lux offers reliable organization in your home that will transform your current spaces into storage areas of your dreams. They’ll provide you with a personalized service while paying close attention to your needs.


Call a Lux expert today at 818-346-18800, and let them show you what a custom closet design can do for the look of your Calabasas home. We know you’ll be glad you made the call!

Custom Closet Design Calabasas
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Custom Closet Design Calabasas Custom Closet Design Calabasas Custom Closet Design Calabasas
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