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Custom Closet Design Beverly Hills

Custom Closet Design Beverly Hills

If you would love to have a custom closet design in your Beverly Hills home, call the experts from Lux. They’re in the business of installing custom storage systems in closets that maximize space, organize, and help make day to day life a little easier for their customers.


If your current closet design is not working for you, it’s not your fault. Most closets are poorly designed and offer little more than a bar for hanging clothes on and a top bench for boxes. The classic design of the bedroom closet is truly one of the most dysfunctional aspects of a home. Like most people, you’ve probably been dealing with closet design for most of your life.


The good news is that you don’t have to keep on dealing with whatever is going on in your closet- there’s a better way to store your items so that they’ll be easily accessible to you. Let a Lux pro come in and install a new custom closet design in your Beverly Hills home and discover what it’s like to own the closet of your dreams!


What if we told you that your current closet space is all you need to store all of your clothing and accessories? You’d laugh, right? The problem with most closets is that their design makes it impossible to use all of the space within it. A new custom closet design can help reveal all of the spaces in your closet that are currently not being used- and there are a lot of them! Once you start taking advantage of the available space you have to work with, you’ll find that you have plenty of room for storage.


Organizing your closet spaces comes with some pretty exciting benefits. Take a look:


- The aesthetic appeal of a beautiful closet is one of the main benefits. In fact, the custom closet design in your Beverly Hills home may be so beautiful that you want to display it without a closet door. It’s only natural that a homeowner would be proud to show off their organized closet spaces.


- An organized closet is a real time-saver. Imagine never having to dig through a pile of shoes again to find the match to the one in your hand. Simply reach in and retrieve the item you want- whether that happens tone a shirt, dress, suit, pair of shoes, belt or other item.


- If you’ve ever considered hiring a contractor to expand your closet space, a new custom closet design in your Beverly Hills home will save you a lot of money. Hiring a professional from Lux is an affordable option to expanding.


- You’ll increase the value of your home with attractive and fully-functioning closet spaces that impress all those who look at them.


If you’re tired of your old closet space and are interested in a new custom closet design for your Beverly Hills home, consider calling Lux Garage & Closet at 818-346-1800. You can also go online to luxgarageandcloset.net to learn more about how a new closet design can work for you.

Custom Closet Design Beverly Hills
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Custom Closet Design Beverly Hills Custom Closet Design Beverly Hills Custom Closet Design Beverly Hills
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